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Hello, Johnny Thunder here. Welcome to my travel journal. You may have seen me and my friends in some of our other adventures. From Egypt to Asia; from the Lost World to the Amazon; we've been everywhere. Now, however, I would like to extend an invitation to join me on a tour through the real world. Check back here for pictures from my latest travels... -JT

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Winter in Utah

Pippin and I spent New Years weekend experiencing winter in Utah. We started the tour in Snow Canyon. In addition to finding pioneers' names written on the rock in axle grease, we also found a minifigure scale arch.

After Snow Canyon, Pippin and I traveled just across the Arizona border to Pipe Springs National Monument. While there we toured the fort built over the spring, saw how the cowboys lived and met the locals.

Leaving Arizona we returned to Utah and paid a return visit to Zion National Park. Unfortunately, Zion was mostly snowed in, so we had to make our visit a short one, but we were able to see the only year round waterfall in the valley.

After leaving Zion, we headed north to make our second visit to Bryce Canyon. We were able to snowshoe along the rim of the canyon and take in some great views of the snow covered hoodoos.

Next time, we'll have to go somewhere a bit warmer... but until then Happy Travels,

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