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Hello, Johnny Thunder here. Welcome to my travel journal. You may have seen me and my friends in some of our other adventures. From Egypt to Asia; from the Lost World to the Amazon; we've been everywhere. Now, however, I would like to extend an invitation to join me on a tour through the real world. Check back here for pictures from my latest travels... -JT

Sunday, November 19, 2006


"Four score and seven [hours] ago..." Johnny Thunder visited the only home Abraham Lincoln ever owned. The inside of the house, located in Springfield, Illinois, is decorated and restored to the same condition, as when Lincoln left. There is very little furniture that was actually owned by Lincolns, as Mary Todd sold it after Lincoln died. His desk and chair, however, remain.

Also in Springfield are Lincoln's law offices and the old capitol building, where Lincoln served as a legislator.

Finally, in the outskirts of Springfield, is Lincoln's tomb, while protects the coffin, holding Lincoln's remains.

The picture above is me, in front of a bust of Lincoln, which sits near the entrance to the tomb. The nose is so shiney, because, for some unknown reason, visitors touch it, as they enter.

That's all for now. I'll have another update soon. Happy Travels!


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