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Hello, Johnny Thunder here. Welcome to my travel journal. You may have seen me and my friends in some of our other adventures. From Egypt to Asia; from the Lost World to the Amazon; we've been everywhere. Now, however, I would like to extend an invitation to join me on a tour through the real world. Check back here for pictures from my latest travels... -JT

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sheldon Wildlife Refuge

G'day! Just got in from a visit to the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge. First, I must apologize for the quality of the picture... Pippin is still getting used to these new digital cameras.

We went searching for the elusive bighorn sheep, rumored the inhabit the region, but encountered only a small herd of wild burros near a dried up lake bed. You can barely make out the ears of one behind me, in the picture above!

We also encountered a fire opal mine, to which we will definately be returning to dig for treasures...

That's all for now! I've got to get packing for my next adventure.

Happy Travels!


Anonymous Pippin said...

Quite interesting, I liked the animal pictures! Johnny is great!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Pippin said...

Quite interesting, I liked the anial pictures. Johnny is the best!

9:55 PM  

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